Drop of Pleasure

Gastronomes have recognized grape seed oil as an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen.

Its application in gastronomy is diverse, and we bring you ideas on how to use grape seed oil in everyday life.

Delicate nutty flavor with wine nuances gives it a variety of applications in gastronomy – ie. smooth mayonnaise, various sauces, salads, as an extra ingredient for your bread, focaccia or pizza dough, as well as for stewing, baking and frying meat, fish and vegetables.

Throughout the years of business, my restaurant Pelegrini has become recognizable for its numerous collaborations with Croatian producers. Dopo Dropo fits perfectly into our culinary philosophy because local flavor is the king of our cuisine. One needs to be aware of one’s environment. That is why we are constantly working to increase the network of local producers as one of the backbones of our kitchen.
Rudolf Štefan
Pelegrini, Šibenik - chef & owner


chard pie from Dalmatian Poljica village ...

recept za zdravu pizza...


 Studies have shown that cold-pressed grape seed oil can raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and consequently reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


Omega 6


Omega 9


Vitamin E