Something of Ours

Something of ours

Dopo Dropo is a project of nature lovers and gastronomic enthusiasts with respective careers in financial consulting. At one point in their lives, they decided that they wanted to make their own investment in producing “something natural”.

Dopo Dropo is a project that has grown organically and evolved in multiple directions to eventually become what it is today. Throughout the story it has become SOMETHING OF OURS that reflects our shared values and attitudes toward life and something we want to leave to other generations and with which, at the end of the day, we proudly return to our families.

Dopo Dropo is our story of creating new value, caring for sustainability and living in harmony with nature and its cycles. It fills us with positive energy, brings us back into balance and reminds us of the importance of the intangible. “

A symbol of life

Grape seeds, which make up the pomace solids, are a by-product, but also a high-value raw material that remains in the production of wine. They are mechanically crushed and their oil extract is obtained by cold pressing.

Grape seed oil is of yellow, green and light brown nuances, depending on which grape it is made from.

It has a velvety texture, light and delicate nutty taste.

Main chemical ingredients of grape seed oil are: linoleic acid (omega6), oleic acid (omega9), vitamin E, beta-carotene and palmitic, stearic and palmitoleic acid.

A drop of pleasure

This top quality ingredient is present in restaurant kitchens around the world. Connoisseurs have recognized grape seed oil as an indispensable ingredient for the perfect homemade mayonnaise in which it creates a smooth texture. With its nutty taste, it is an excellent addition to the preparation of granola, healthy breakfast cakes and bread, pizza or focaccia dough. The application in gastronomy is diverse, and we bring you ideas on how to use grape seed oil in everyday life.

A drop of health

Grape seed oil is a secret ingredient of very nourishing creams because it is a powerful antioxidant full of beneficial natural elements. It stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, strengthens immunity and has an antibacterial effect. It firms and tones the skin, protects it from the harmful effects of the sun, prevents the appearance of acne, wrinkles and stretch marks. It balances sebum secretion and is used against cellulite, dilated and cracked capillaries as well as enlarged pores. Grape seed oil stimulates the growth of thicker, longer and softer hair.

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