Red Grape Seed Oil 0,1L


Cold pressed grape seed oil (Oleum Vitis Vinifera) is highly valuable edible oil that contains a number of exceptionally beneficial bioactive substances for the human body, whether used for gastronomic or cosmetic purposes, the texture is one of the finest oils, and the color is greenish and light brown depending on the type of grape from which it originates.


Red grape seed oil has an intense nutty flavor with wine nuances that gives it a diverse application in gastronomy. It is ideal for sautéing, roasting and frying meat, fish and vegetable dishes, as an addition to black risotto and for finishing steaks.

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Cold pressed grape seed oil is exceptionally beneficial and it contains:

  • omega6 (rich in linoleic acid),
  • omega9,
  • omega3,
  • omega7,
  • omega5 and other essential fatty acids, then
  • polyphenols,
  • a large amount of vitamin F and
  • vitamin E (tocotrienols and tocopherols)

which makes it a very powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals and radiation.


It has a beneficial effect on:

  • cardiovascular system,
  • balances cholesterol,
  • stimulates circulation,
  • strengthens your immunity,
  • acts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.